Hehku-Pro Oy(Ltd)

Hehku-Pro Oy(Ltd) is finnish, family owned company. We are able to answer Your questions about our products quickly.

The frequent positive feedback we receive encourages us to continue our work on the chosen path, to your advantage

Hehku-kiukaat ( Hehku- sauna heaters) product brand originated in 2012. By 2024, our products are known for their distinctive design, energy efficiency, and unique user experience

Our main goal is to manufacture products that are tailored to Your individual taste – practical, stylish, and durable.

We ensure consistent product quality by utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and methods. Our operations also provide employment for several responsibly operating subcontracting companies, mainly in Porin economic area.


Email addresses format: firs.lastname(at)hehku-pro.fi

Janne Elonen

Administration, development, production, sales, procurement

Tel.(direct): +358 44 086 5186

Silja Elonen